3D-Calc Spreadsheet

3D-Calc is a 3-dimensional spreadsheet program for the Atari ST and TT computers.

Atari ST computer

This computer is based on the Motorola 68000 processor and uses GEM as operating system (Graphical Environment Manager). 3D-Calc is written in Modula-2.

The first version of the program was released in April 1989 and was distributed by ISTARI bv, Ghent, Belgium. The spreadsheet was 3-dimensional since it contained 13 pages of 2048 rows and 256 columns. Cells of different pages could be cross-referenced.

3D-Calc desktop

Starting May 1991, the English version is distributed by Microdeal-Michtron, Cornwall, UK.

In January 1992, version 2.3 of the program was licensed to Atari Corp., who released Dutch and French translations.

In 1994, version 3 of 3D-Calc (renamed 3D-Calc+) was licensed to the U.K. magazine ST Applications.

n 1992-1993, it was ported to MS-DOS to serve as the basis of a new statistics software package MedCalc.

The main features of the program are:

Today, 3D-Calc is in the public domain and can be downloaded freely.


3D spreadsheet model Bar diagram Scatter diagram

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Review (PDF, 750 KB) published in ST Applications, October 1994.


3D-Calc+ The 3D-Calc+ program files (zipped into one 163 Kb file).
  The 3D-Calc+ resource file is available in the following languages (click your language to download):
English - Dutch - German - French.


3D-Calc+ manual The complete 3D-Calc+ manual in Papyrus format (zipped into a 182 Kb file).
Thanks to Bernd Maedicke for converting to Papyrus format. Visit his home page.


3D-Calc+ manual The complete 3D-Calc+ manual in PDF format (zipped into a 509 Kb file).

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