Legacy software: PC-RATE

Couples coming to consultation for infertility commonly are subfertile rather than sterile. Hence, they still have a certain probability to attain treatment-independent conception. The probability of such pregnancy may influence the decision as to which treatment will be chosen. Based on the analysis of a large number of cases, Prof. Dr. F. Comhaire has elaborated a formula to calculate the expected treatment-independent pregnancy rate in couples who have been unsuccessful in attaining conception after at least 12 months of trial.

This formula and the correction factors associated with it, have been programmed into the PC-RATE program.


After the data have been entered, the program calculates the probability of conception per cycle at consultation and the cumulative conception rate for the next 60 months. In addition the program displays these data in a summary graph.


PC-RATE is written in Turbo Pascal. The first version was released in 1988.

Today, this program is freeware.

Download pcrate.zip (25.1 KB)


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