Freeware: setTIFdpi

An utility to set the dpi value in a TIF file.

This may be a familiar scenario: you have a nice picture for publication, with many pixels (say 1200x900), and it is saved as a TIF file.

For one reason or another publishers like TIF files.

They also require that the TIF file has a setting of 300 dpi, but your file properties show that the horizontal and vertical resolution is 96 dpi only.

MedCalc will save TIF images with the correct dpi setting, which you can set when you save a graph as a TIF file. But when you edit the picture in an editor such as Paint, this program will reset the DPI setting to 96.

We have a little program called SetTIFdpi that allows you to reset the DPI setting in a TIF file to the required value.

SetTIFdpi interface


Download (129.9 KB) - updated Jan 10, 2020.

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