Legacy software: Tracked!

Tracked manual - cover

Tracked! is a set of disk utility programs for Atari ST computers. The programs are written in Modula-2. The Tracked! software package consists of 4 programs: Disk!, File!, Backup! and Restore!.

The Disk! program performs several functions for disk maintenance. It's main functions are checking a disk's integrity, optimizing a disk and recover files and/or directories that you have accidentally erased. In addition, it allows to edit specific sectors of a disk.

The File! program allows to quickly erase superfluous files such as *.BAK files, etc. Also, it has the facility to set the file's attributes in order to e.g. protect files by hiding them from the desktop.

The Backup! program offers a very fast and efficient backup procedure of entire hard disks or selected partitions, directories or files.

The Restore! program is used to restore the backup files onto the hard disk.

Version 1 of the program was released in September 1992 by DIVO, the publisher of the Dutch magazine START.

In 1994, Tracked! was licensed to the U.K. magazine ST Applications.

Today, Tracked! is in the public domain and can be downloaded freely. Visit Frank's Atari ST pages

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