Tracked! - Disk utilities for ATARI ST computers

The Tracked! package is a set of disk utilities for the Atari ST and TT computers. The software was released in 1992.

Tracked! cover (Click picture to enlarge)


Tracked! consists of 4 programs: Disk!, File!, Backup! and Restore!.

The Disk! program performs several functions for disk maintenance. Its main functions are checking a disk's integrity, optimizing a disk and recover files and/or directories that you have accidentally erased. In addition, it allows to edit specific sectors of a disk.

The File! program allows to quickly erase superfluous files such as *.BAK files, etc. Also, it has the facility to set the file's attributes in order to e.g. protect files by hiding them from the desktop.

The Backup! program offers a very fast and efficient backup procedure of entire hard disks or selected partitions, directories or files.

The Restore! program is used to restore the backup files onto the hard disk.

The Tracked! programs run on all ATARI ST and TT computers in all resolutions, except low resolution, and with all types of disk drives. For hard disks, the AHDI version 3.00 device driver should be used.


Before using the software, please read the documentation (see below) thoroughly. The author does not assume any responsibility for possible data loss or damage.


Tracked! the Tracked! program files (zipped into one 156 Kb file)
Manual (PDF) the Tracked manual in PDF format (English).

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